Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That's How You Got Here?

Over at Black Shoe Diaries, one of my favorite Penn State football blogs, user "ReadingRambler" (who's signature includes a quote from my high school football coach) occasionally does a piece called "You found us!" which details how users get to BSD through a keyword search. Over there the results are extremely humorous and ReadingRambler adds his own commentary. But that got me interested in how people were finding my site. What searches led them here? Is any of it noteworthy? Funny? Let's find out.

According Google's Analytics - which has been tracking site information for me since October 22, 2007 - here's the top searches over the last 597 days (or the time since Analytics has been tracking Sports Fountainhead hits).

  • 2008 nfl mock draft - This keyword search brought the must people to the site over the last ~600 days. In fact the top seven searches all have to do with my NFL mock drafts.
  • Justin Raffauf - Also should include "justin raffauf". My friend and occasional blogger here gets stalked by his students. When generalizing searches, his name brings the second most people here. Wow.
  • Sports Fountainhead - Apparently people can't remember the sites address. That's why you have bookmarks and autofill people.
  • SNL Notre Dame - Saturday Night Live did an awesome take on Notre Dame football in the fall of 2007. TAS posted about it here.
  • 2009 nit championship - WE ARE PENN STATE!
  • 2009 nfl predictions - People want these early. I obliged.
  • mark may penn state - He's such a douche. Why all the hate for Penn State? Oh, right. You're a (lowly) Pitt grad!
  • derrick williams pro day - He sure did have a good day.
  • ncaa 09 football simulations - Yep, I do this. Last year I did 1-sim and 10-sim posts. I hope to do the same again this year.
  • bcs fan poll - I am a voter. You can be too!
As expected, nothing funny. Well, anyone making fun of Notre Dame is funny. But we didn't get anything like this directing people to the site...

"skank ho"

"naked softball girl"

"fat woman in ripped pants"

"dirty sanchez"

"bikini butt pucker"

Those all will, somewhere, link to Black Shoe Diaries on Google. Ha ha!

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