Monday, June 8, 2009

SNT: Dolphins Look to Expand Wildcat

Teams have latched on to the "wildcat" offense, introduced to the NFL by the Dolphins in 2008. Other teams, such as the Vikings and Ravens, are working with packages this offseason. The Dolphins, however, look to broaden the scheme in year two of the package. The addition of Pat White will help. Sporting News Today's Clifton Brown addresses the "wildcat" and Miami's plans for 2009 in his daily NFL feature, along with four other burning stories.

Also, I'm special. See for yourself.

Yeah, that's my name.

The Dolphins want me, me, to buy season tickets. And I'd get a personalized photo for free! Wow, I am truly honored. Wait, everyone on their mailing list gets this? Ah, shucks.

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