Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JayPa Tweets On PSU Football Academic Success

We've all known that the term "student-athlete" gets thrown around a lot nowadays. At least at Penn State it still means something. Jay Paterno, via his Twitter account, has let his followers know that being a Nittany Lion football players doesn't mean you forget about academics.

Just left team Academic Mtg..44 guys over 3.0, 13 on Dean's list & 4 made 4.0. Next NCAA grad rate will be over 90%!!!
90%. Wow. That is almost unheard of at major university's that are respectable in sports. Congratulations to the coaching staff, university, and the players for such a great showing! For the glory!

UPDATE: Jay has more.
8 players have already graduated..by the end of December 18 more will graduate. At bowl time we'll be playing with 26 graduates on our team.
Not too shabby!

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