Monday, June 8, 2009

POLLS: Bastardo the Right Choice

RECAP: Twelve people voted and everyone of them agreed with the Phillies move to insert Antonio Bastardo - who started the season as a reliever at AA Reading - as the temporary replacement for the injured Brett Myers. The poll started last Monday, a day before Bastardo made his first appearance in which he went six innings giving up only four hits and one run. The poll ended this morning, about 12 hours after Bastardo made his second appearance, earning his second win by going five innings and allowing two runs on seven hits. Not too shabby. The fans were right to believe in Bastardo and management for making this call.

NEW: Let's stay with Bastardo. Should the Phillies search for a long-term, big-name replacement, such as Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb or Roy Halladay? Or should they stick with young guns J.A. Happ and Antonio Bastardo for the time being? Let us know in the right panel.

Voting ends June 15th.

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