Friday, June 5, 2009

Dolphins Team to Beat in AFC East, Says Porter

Joey Porter utilizes his mouth as much as he does his skills to plant a QB in the turf. He voices his opinion on everything, from guaranteeing wins to expressing his feelings about division rivals. He even can get under your skin on the field too, if you can believe that. Well today Porter had more to say, according to's Tim Graham.

"I don't understand how you can put somebody in front of us," said Porter, who would be the cleanup hitter on my all-interview team. "We won the championship. We were AFC East champions. I just don't think it's supposed to happen like that. You've got to beat somebody to be the champs. We had to beat somebody to be the champs."
This Porter sound bite is a lot less controversial than guaranteeing a win. How is what he says not the truth? He's speaking from a logic standpoint that a team won the division last year, why shouldn't they be the team everyone is gunning for? Of course everyone and their mother is crowning the Patriots, the reason Porter spoke the way he did to Graham.

I don't have a problem with what Porter said today. Nor do I have a problem with players guaranteeing wins. Why shouldn't they be? Shouldn't a team always expect to beat the other team they are playing? The media tries to use the "bulletin board" material angle but that's ridiculous. I wouldn't want players on my team that think they would lose. Porter is an incredibly cocky s.o.b but sometimes what comes out of his mouth is exactly what athletes should be saying.

And the Dolphins are the defending AFC East Champs, so every team should be looking to knock off them and not New England. Despite the return of OMG BEST QB EVAH Tom Brady, the Patriots still have questions on defense and the o-line. In my first predictions for the 2009 season I have New England performing reasonably well but no one should underestimated the Dolphins. See what happened when teams did that last year?

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