Sunday, August 26, 2007

2007 NFL Predictions - Houston Texans

Houston Texans - Exit David Carr. Enter Matt Schaub (I'm guessing the Falcons regret that trade now, no?). Exit Domanick Williams (formerly Davis). Enter Ahman Green. Exit some random d-linemen. Enter Amobi Okoye. Probably a push, talent wise. But I think this team will actually be a little better than the 2006 version that finished 6-10. Possibly only by a game, maybe 2. But that is a big improvement for a team that has never been to the playoffs, let alone finished above .500 (best season: 2004, 7-9, 3rd AFC South). This team should mirror the success of that team. Schaub has performed well in training camp and the preseason games and the defense is slightly better than last year. They still have a few questions, such as the offensive line and if it knows how to pass block, and if their lackluster RBs - headlined by Green - will perform. For some reason I have confidence in this team and believe they will beat each of the other AFC South teams once (yes, even the Colts).

Prediction - 3rd, AFC South

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