Sunday, August 26, 2007

2007 NFL Predictions - Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans - The Oilers, oops, I mean Titans were quite the surprise last year behind Vince Young and his legs (Yes, legs, not arm. What arm?). They will also be a surprise this year. When they are one of the worst teams in the league. I really don't see how people can believe this team can compete. People think Vince Young is the 2nd coming of, um, well I don't know. Probably because no one has ever done what people think he will do this year. There is absolutely no way they improve their 8-8 record. They will be lucky if they win more than 5 games this year. Their offensive line is average. The WR corp consists of a group of people that no one has heard of yet (Brandon Jones, Paul Williams, Courtney Roby) and veterans past their prime (Eric Moulds, David Givens). Who will be the starting tailback with Travis Henry now in Denver? Chubby and slow LenDale White or castoff Chris Brown, who decided to return only recently? VY can't be expected to do everything himself. Henry and Drew Bennett (now with the Rams) played a large role in the Titans success last year. They're gone. The defense is young but average. They can't keep the team in games when Young makes mistakes, which he will do. Probably often this year when opposing D's shut down his feet and make him throw. It could be a long year in Tennessee. Go Volunteers?

Prediction: 4th, AFC South

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