Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yankees continue to roll

First and foremost, I would like to thank the person that has clicked reload 100+ times on our blog page. Definitely makes me feel good that someone wants me to feel like there are many others out there that care about what I have to say about sports. Also, I would like to thank Tottenham for choking 1-0 on the road in their EPL opener Saturday morning.

Now to the main point. Back at the All-Star Break, the Yankees were 43-43, 9.5 back of Boston and 8.5 games away from the Wild Card lead. Fast forward a month and the Yankees are now 66-51, tied for the Wild Card lead and only 4 games behind Boston. Until this weekend, a lot of people were still a little bit skeptical about the Yankees, and rightfully so. Before traveling to Cleveland this weekend, they had only played 3 games since the break against teams above .500. However, after this weekend, it is safe to say that the Yanks are back and here to stay. While Cleveland has been slumping a bit, sweeping a division rival on the road (well, they were leading the Central at the beginning of the series) is no small task and the Yankees did it with ease. The even more impressive part is that they were only trailing in this series for 1 inning. If you are a Yankee fan, you especially have to love this series because of the solid outings you got from Phil Hughes, Mussina and Pettitte along with Joba Chamberlain pitching strong in relief.

Following this successful 5-1 road trip, the Bombers head home to take on Baltimore and Detroit. Maybe it is just me but I feel like this Yankee team could take it all. In the past, the Yankees have dominated from wire to wire before collapsing in the post-season (Florida, Anaheim, Boston, etc.) but this year, things just feel different. They have not dominated all year (being wrote off as dead by some as early as May) and seem to have a chip on their shoulders, something that I feel they have lacked in the past. It seems like they want to prove all the doubters out there. I sure hope they can.

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