Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sports Fountainhead Preseason Top 25

As brilliantly written in the previous post by Donati, College Football kicked off tonight and preseason rankings have been out for almost 2 weeks. Since he came out with an interesting view on the Top 25 using returning starters, the rest of the writers have decided to make their own Top 25 a la the AP and USA Today (Donati will be contributing to this one as well). Ours is quite simple: for every 1st place vote a team gets they earn 25 points, for every 2nd place 24, and so on decreasing by 1 point until 25th place gets 1. The teams will be sorted by total points and ranked accordingly. Since there are so few writers we may have some ties. They will be noted when released. We hope to have our preseason poll (I know there are games tonight but they don't matter much unless a good team gets upset) out by tomorrow evening. A new pole will be released each Monday or Tuesday of each week. We hope you enjoy!

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