Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hotspur suffer frustrating loss to Man U

When I umpired little league baseball a few years back, I felt that my main objective was to not affect who wins the game. Today's Premiership match certainly made me think of those days as the officials in the Tottenham v. Manchester United matchup blew 2 major calls. After losing both matches to Man U last year by a combined score of 5-0, my hopes weren't entirely high, especially since Tottenham hasn't won at Old Trafford (Man U's home field for those that don't know) since 1989. However, after watching today's game, I just have that feeling that my Spurs were robbed of at least a draw. The ref failed to call 2 hand balls in the penalty area, one of which was blatant and a certain goal if Man U defender Wes Brown didn't get his arm in the way. After that missed call, the momentum shifted dramatically as the Red Devils scored their only goal moments later on an incredible long shot from Nani. Nani by the way was incredibly frustrating to watch as he acted like he tore his ACL, MCL and lost 2 limbs at least twice (the game annoyed me so much I took a laundry break so he might have done it more) only to get up and trot around the pitch like nothing had ever happened. Later on in the second half, the second missed call happened off of a free kick. I will admit, it was a difficult call to make/see but hey, that's what those guys get paid to do.

At least the announcer on FSC felt that Manchester United lucked out for their first victory of the season concluding his broadcast by stating, "It's not about how you win the game, it's about whether or not you win the game."

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