Sunday, August 26, 2007

2007 NFL Predictions - Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts - Super Bowl XLI Champions. Big deal. They won't repeat. You cannot forsake the defense every year and expect to win the Super Bowl every year. Don't get me wrong, they will EASILY win the AFC South (probably by at least 2 games). But when you lose Nick Harper (CB-Titans), Jason David (CB-Saints), Cato June (LB-Buccaneers), and Mike Doss (S-Vikings), among others, you're going to suffer. The Colts do not care about their defense (except for Dwight Freeney, who they broke the bank for). Their D was horrible last year before Anthony (Booger) McFarland (torn ACL, out for year) and Bob Sanders made a huge turn around in the playoffs. Besides Freeney and Sanders, the rest of the defense is young and relatively unproven. There is absolutely no way their D is better than last year. Also, the loss of Tarik Glenn is going to hurt initially. Luckily for them they addressed the LT position in the draft by selecting Tony Ugoh. But the original plan was for him to be Glenn's understudy for 2+ years. Now he is thrown into the fire from week 1 his rookie year. There will be growing pains. And Peyton "I think I'm a God" Manning will be sacked more (that brings a smile to my face). But the Colts will win their division but will not have a bye.

Prediction: 1st, AFC South

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