Friday, August 31, 2007

Steelers Preseason: Game 5

Steelers 19, Panthers 3

Really, not much to report about this one. The starters played minimally and the only touchdown was scored on an INT return with less than 2 minutes left. The first preseason under new coach Mike Tomlin finishes 4-1; which is exactly 4 more wins than last preseason. Normally, preseason results can be thrown away, but in the case of the new coach a good record such as 4-1 shows that he has everyone on the team, from the starters right down to the guys fighting for a spot on the practice squad, on the same page and buying into the new staff's philosophies. And that can only spell good news for the upcoming season.

Next: 10 days of anticipation for the opening game in the Mistake by the Lake. Lots of questions will be asked between now and then, but on September 9, we finally get to see what this new Steelers team is really all about.

P.S. For the official Top 25 college football rankings, I did not submit the original computer rankings you see below. I took those rankings and adjusted them so they weren't so bizarre. Basically, I compared to other predictions and if a team was glaringly high or low in my rankings, I moved them up or down a tad. There are still some teams in and out of the Top 25 that you would never see in any of the other polls, but it's a lot more believable now. I won't disclose the adjusted rankings now, we'll just wait until the combined Sports Fountain Head poll comes out.

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