Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out of Touch/Out of Reach

Hey everyone. Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I just moved to West Lafayette, IN with my fiancee and am finally settled in. I start work tomorrow. Anyway...

It's going to be tough for me to keep up with everything related to my teams. I'm now in the Mid-West. Keeping track of the Phillies/Flyers/Sixers were hard enough at Penn State since I didn't have Comcast (FSN-Pittsburgh? I don't give a tiny rats ass). The Dolphins are always hard to follow whether I'm in PA or IN. Now I won't even have Penn State stuff rammed down my throat. So I'm going to be relying even more on the internet and SportsCenter. It comes at a bad time since the Phillies are in the middle of a pennant race, and the Dolphins and PSU are preparing for kickoff. I'm out of touch. If anyone know how I can watch Phillies/Dolphins/Penn State games in Indiana let me know.

And out of reach. That would be what all my teams will be experiencing with their ultimate goals when their seasons end.

Phillies - probably will fall short of the wild card as a result of injuries/poor pitching
Penn State - solid, strong team but not elite; could win the Big 10...but won't
Dolphins - WILL surprise people this year by improving on last years record, possibly by 3 games...which still only gets them to 9-7; so no playoffs for a 6th straight year
Flyers - definitely will be improved (hard not to be), most likely squeeze into the playoffs between the 5-8 seeds; Lord Stanley's Cup will have to wait another year
Sixers - their 2nd half 'surge' this past year cost them a shot at Oden & Durant; solid draft but still a few years away from contending again; playoffs a long shot

Ugh. Doesn't look good. PSU football will be the only bright spot but even if they go 10-2 and play in a nice bowl game (Capital One, Outback again) it's not in the Big Easy or Pasadena. Bring on next summer...already?

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Steely McDonati said...

Phillies - MLB.tv. You can buy it just for the month of September, only $10-15. If they make the playoffs, all games are nationally televised.

Dolphins - Probably will have to fork over the $$ for NFL Sunday Ticket, after forking over the $$ for Direct TV. Or, you could try to find a bar that has it.

PSU - Since you're in a Big Ten town, you should be getting the Big Ten Network somewhere, or at least some bars will have it. Most games will be nationally televised on ABC/ESPN, and regional coverage for you should always be Big Ten games.

Flyers - We all know they don't show the NHL on TV anymore. But I know yahoo.com broadcasts some games, and a couple other sites too.

Sixers - The NBA is rigged.