Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random posting

In my new apartment, I get ESPN Classic so I decided to watch a little bit of the college football kickoff marathon they have going on. As I type, they are in the middle of the 2003 (I think 2003) National Title Game between Miami and Ohio State. All I have to say is that I actually feel bad for Miami and it's hard for me to say that because I strongly dislike both of them. However, the pass interference call against Miami when OSU had a 4th and 3 situation down by a touchdown was complete garbage. In fact, it was near perfect defense on the part of the Miami defender. His arm came in and hit Chris Gamble (OSU WR) right after the pass bounced off his hands. All in all, this is just a random posting as I beat a very dead horse but Miami was just robbed.

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