Monday, September 22, 2008

Penn State Rankings Roundup

Penn State plowed through an overmatched Temple team, 45-3, on their way to finishing nonconference play undefeated for the second straight season and the third time in the last four years. Now the real schedule begins. Penn State will host Illinois (Saturday, 8pm) before travelling to Purdue (w00t, I get to watch them play!) then to Wisconsin, returning home for Michigan, and then heading back on the road to Ohio State. That is a brutal 5 week stretch. We'll know a hell of a lot about this team on October 25th. Can they start 9-0? Time will tell.

Now for the polls. Where do the many polls rank Penn State? Check it out...

Associated Press - 12 (Last Week: 16)
USA Today/Coaches - 12 (15)
ESPN Fan Poll - 10 (14)
ESPN Power Rankings - 10 (12)
Sporting News Legends - 9 (10)
Sporting News - 10 (14) 120 - 16 (18) - 7 (8)
Heisman Pundit - 7 (9)
College Football News - 9 (9)
Blogpoll - 9 (9)
BCS Fan Poll - 12 (17)
Sports Fountainhead - 9 (8)

Average Rank: ~10
Average Rank (Last Week): ~12

The fan poll, which you can be a part of, will be finalized sometime tomorrow and I'll update the post accordingly. The Blogpoll, operated by MGoBlog, combines the rankings of 75 college football bloggers and will be updated Wednesday.

Our new poll will hopefully be up on Wednesday as well.

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