Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's (unofficially) Over

The holiday known as Labor Day has come and gone and it brought along something that is quite controversial: the (unofficial) end of summer. Summer technically isn't complete until the Fall Equinox, which is September 22nd this year. But with the wee ones back at school and pools closing across the nation Labor Day is seen by many as the "real" end to the season which so many love.

There are also many who find summer their least favorite part of the year. The hot weather has as many lovers as it does haters. And who doesn't get annoyed by all those vacationing people heading towards the beach or Disney World. Man, these people can drive ya nuts! Note: those vacationing people include me. For a lot of men the one reason summer ending and fall beginning can be summed up in one mighty word: FOOTBALL. Labor Day weekend usually marks the beginning of college football and indicates the NFL resumes in under a week. Glorious, glorious news. While in reality football never ends (free agency begins a month after the Super Bowl, the draft is the end of April, and there are countless "voluntary" camps, and organized team activities before July training camp), not as many people care for the behind-the-scenes actions of the 32 clubs. The 17-week regular season and playoffs is where that March through August stuff pays off.

So as the kids head back to school and temperatures start to cool, just remember that for the next 22 weeks you will be indulged with AstroTurf and pigskin 5 days a week. Relax and enjoy the best season of the year: fall.

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