Saturday, September 27, 2008

Upset Week?

Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU, Penn State, and South Florida take note: the underdogs are here to play. After Oregon State's win over former #1 USC on Thursday, everyone was debating who would be the new #1 come Sunday evening. Well, it won't be Florida. The Gators lost, in The Swamp, to unranked Ole Miss, 31-30, thanks to a blocked PAT and Tim Tebow later getting stuffed on 4th and 1. Besides Florida, #17 Clemson continued their disappointing season with a loss to a weak Maryland team. And that was just the early games.

Teams in trouble that started at 3:30pm are #16 Wake Forest, currently down 17 to Navy, #23 East Carolina, down 11 to Houston, and #25 Fresno State, down 3 to UCLA. And we know either the #3 (Georgia) or #8 (Alabama) team will fall tonight. Let's at least hope that Penn State isn't putting the game tonight in the win column quite yet. It happens every year but great teams think they can show up and get the W. In college football anything can happen.

UPDATE: Well another Top 10 team drops. #9 Wisconsin lost to unranked Michigan, 27-25, after leading 19-0 in the 3rd quarter. Way to go Badgers.

Let's Go State! Beat Illinois!

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