Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why it will be difficult for anyone to win ESPNS "Streak for the Cash"

ESPNs running a free competition much like the football elimination pools. This version, however, includes anything sports related ESPN deems to allow. There can be straight up picks or oddities such as a certain teams margin of victory being greater than the other teams total points scored. You have to collect 25 straight correct guesses to be entered to win the money. Sounds easy, right? Well this is the first full month of the game so no one has had the chance to win. But I find it highly unlikely when you get spreads like this, for so many options:

I understand the Dolphins are coming off a 1-15 season and the general public thinks they still suck. Well they don't. I obviously would give the edge to the Jets. But 96.2%? Wow. If people choose based on last year all the time then no one will accumulate a streak of 25. The Jets/Dolphins game is a huge trap. I've seen other crazy picking like this, too. If the Jets win they'll look like geniuses. If people had followed the teams their banking on, the % should be closer to 60-40 not 96-4.

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Natalie Marshall said...

Week One Here we go! I am so psyched for today! My boyfriend and I got a 12 pack of Bud Light Lime and have Pizza Hut coming in less than an hour!!!

-Natalie Marshall