Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Someone agrees with me on Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong wants to come back. Lance, nobody cares. Your sport is a joke. You went from a cancer survivor to a total fraud by saying you beat cancer on your own. Your doctors and the thousands of people who created the DRUGS you pumped into your body may feel differently. Then you dumped your wife and kids who stood by you to hang out with celebrities. Did Nike threaten to pull its sponsorship, or the mountain biking circuit isn't as [glamorous] as you expected?
During a morning post over at The 700 Level, a Philadelphia sports blog, Dan Levy posted an article containing the above statement. Thank you, Dan. Finally someone out there who puts into words the thing I've been thinking for at least 5 or 6 years. Lance Armstrong started out as being a respectable person only to completely take advantage of his new found popularity and atrocious disease. I applaud him for his foundation and all the money he raised but otherwise the guy is sleazy. He let fame get to his head and he was completely built up by the media. It is amazing that he beat cancer. But he took advantage of something that millions of people cope with everyday. Thanks again, Dan.

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