Monday, September 8, 2008

Some coach(es) shouldn't be allowed to vote

What. The. Hell. What boneheaded coach or coaches actually thought NOTRE DAME deserved to be in the Top 25? How can they defend that? Over at the BCS Fan Poll they would be faced with the wrath of voters questioning their decision with an honor/bias challenge. That is utter bullshit. Notre Dame struggled to beat San Diego State, 21-13. SDSU lost to Cal Poly the week before. CAL POLY!!! Notre Dame will be lucky to finish the year with a bowl berth. If they play like they did against San Diego State they very well could finish the season 4-8, with the 3 other wins coming against Stanford (could be a toss up), North Carolina, and Syracuse. Wow is USC gonna destroy them on 11/29 or what?

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