Sunday, March 29, 2009

Macho Row: Phillies Preview

Over at the new and excellent Phillies blog, Macho Row, I, along with three other Phillies bloggers, answer questions about the upcoming 2009 season. Kevin McGuire, creator of Macho Row (and Nittanydelphia), posed us questions about the Phillies and the N.L. East.

The Phillies won the World Series? Now what?

ME: We, as fans, celebrate. Who knows when this will happen again, right? The city waited 10,236 days (or 28 years, 9 days) between World Series titles. Look at the Red Sox or both Chicago teams. They each had to wait a long time for another World Series title. The Cubs are still waiting! We cannot take this for granted. And I don't think anyone is. For once, we are the best. As fans, live it up. World Series don't come around all that often, especially for us (just two in 126 seasons). From a roster/management stand point, don't get lazy. The goal is to win a championship every year, not every sixty years. Sure, 2008 was a blast but it's over with; 2009 is here and the bullseye on the Phillies back has grown. Not only are the Mets gunning for us, the entire league is. A new season is upon us. Time to get back to business, with a chance to become the first team to successfully defend a title since the 2000 Yankees.
Check out the rest of the questions and my answers (along with Amanda from Swing and a Long Drive, Carson from We Should be GMs, and Kieran Kelly from Phinally Philly) over at Macho Row now!

UPDATE: Part 2 contains the questions about the N.L. East.

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