Monday, March 23, 2009

Aaron Maybin a 4th Round Prospect?

According to Sporting News' Russ Lande, yes. Well, technically a third or fourth rounder. Yes, I'm serious. See for yourself.

That is taken from today's issue of Sporting News Today. On page 6, Lande (and his team of former NFL scouts) ranks this years top 10 DE prospects. Maybin is 10th - a 3rd or 4th round pick. Let's take a look at how other "experts" have Maybin ranked.

Cough. Maybe he thinks no one reads SNT? Of course, to see all of Lande's analysis you have to pay to see it. Not gonna happen, especially after crap like this. Maybin is a consensus first round pick and could go as high as #11 to Buffalo. No way he drops out of the first round. Look at him!

Aaron Maybin - only the 10th best DE available in the 2009 draft?

Of course I've ripped on Lande before. I need to start writing about all the weird stuff Lande puts out. This is at least the fifth time he's made may say WTF - out loud.

*The 100th selection would be end of 3rd/early 4th dependent on compensatory selections.

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