Friday, March 13, 2009

Mock Draft Average Draft Position - 3/13/2009

OK, I lied. I got the mock comparisons and ADP done before tomorrow. But before getting to the average draft position numbers for this week, we need to take a look at the comparisons. Mockers updated a bunch this week; only Mike Florio and Russ Lande remain dormant. Only one new player broke into any mock's top 32 and that player is Tennessee's Robert Ayers. Comparisons below, followed by the new list of player's ADP.

Click to enlarge comparisons for 3/13/2009.

Mock average draft positions below.

Click to enlarge the 3/13/2009 average draft positions.

So that's the complete mock draft update for the week. If you missed my 2009 NFL mock draft, now with two rounds, you can see it below this post or by navigating to the posts labeled "2009 NFL Mock Draft".

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