Monday, March 30, 2009

New Monthly Schedule: April

Well I think I've done pretty well over the last six weeks. After posting a combined 32 times from November through January, I managed 39 in February. This is the 47th for March. Set schedule are goooooood.

After writing about the same things for the last month and a half, I've decided to make some changes. April brings to mind two things (to me at least): the NFL draft and Phillies baseball. The former will be the focus of many of the daily posts.

Below is a description of each of the daily features.

Mondays - Mock Draft Update: I have two primary reasons for moving this to the first work day of each week. First, this allows me a week off to do some more analysis for my own mock and also decide if I want to expand the expert comparisons and, in turn, the ADP. Second, I feel moving my mock to Monday will generate more traffic. Let's face it; on Friday's - the old day for the update - people are focused on the weekend. Then the weekend comes and the mock update gets buried. Hopefully this will make my mock more prevalent. Perhaps I'll even get some comments and/or suggestions!

Tuesdays - Nittany Lions in the Pros: Yep, it's back! Though I finished chronicling the positions in which former Penn State football players are hoping to make an NFL roster this summer, there are a few left to examine. Starting a week from tomorrow I'll examine former Nittany Lion Ps, TEs, RBs, and QBs.

Wednesdays - NFL Draft Averages: Hey, a new feature! This weekly installment will actually run twice a week in order to examine all positions. What I'm going to be publishing here is 10-year draft averages for each position and what it means for this years prospects.

Thursdays - Around the Interwebs: This will be the standard PSU football update complete with links and my analysis. This will be much more in depth this month thanks to the presence of spring football.

Fridays - Phillies Update: And finally something other than football. This post is pretty self-explanatory.

Saturdays - Penn State Update: Football is at the front of our minds here at Sports Fountainhead, however we respect all of the sports Penn State has to offer. While this post will include football news the focus will be how other Nittany Lion athletes performed the last week.

Sundays - NFL Draft Averages: This was covered above. I have to post two updates a week or I won't cover all of the positions prior to draft day (April 25th).

So there's the new schedule. Hope you enjoy the new features!

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