Monday, March 30, 2009

Dolphins Interested in Past and Future to Improve Present

The Dolphins had a busy weekend. Reports on two separate yet equally interesting developments made it to the media and they promptly took the bait. First, The Miami Herald reports that on a recent scouting trip taken by the trifecta - Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano - a fourth member of the organization joined them: second-year QB Chad Henne.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne embarked on a multicity tour of the country with the team's top three decision makers, during which time he has been throwing to potential draft picks.

The team asked Henne if he wanted to join their crew for the trip, and he agreed. During the trip, the Dolphins will work out more than six receiving prospects in several cities.

This is just another step towards handing the keys to the Dolphins offense to Henne in 2010. Henne is evaluating the available talent and to receivers he'd presumably be throwing to in just over a year (or sooner if Chad Pennington is injured). His willingness to go on the trip backs up the notion put forth by the current regime that Henne is just biding his time before he is the team leader. It also helps that Parcells and Co. have continually shown faith in the kid and this reinforcement could send his confidence through the roof, something young QB sometimes lack.

On the scouting trip, Henne threw to first round prospects Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina) and Percy Harvin (Florida).

In addition to the new Henne development, The Miami Herald also reports that former Miami DE/OLB Jason Taylor is welcome to return to the Dolphins a year after the player wanted nothing to do with a rebuilding effort.

The choice will be largely up to Taylor. And the choice largely will determine who Taylor is and what he is about. If he is still driven by a desire to put himself in the best spot to win a title, he must go to New England.

But Taylor is said to also be motivated by a desire to remain close to his family and not put them through the difficulties of his disastrous 2008 experience, when he lived in Washington and they stayed in South Florida.

No team except the Dolphins can fulfill Taylor's desire to remain close to his family.

Armando Salguero, the articles author, points out that the relationship rift between Taylor and Parcells has healed and both have respect and nothing but praise for one another.

MY TAKE: Yes and yes. On the Henne front this makes me ecstatic. As a huge Henne fan and supporter, the reality is setting in that, were Miami to win a Super Bowl in the next 5-10 years, a kid I played football with could be the one leading them to victory Holy crap.

In regards to Taylor I'm all for it. Why not? As the article points out, Sparano knows that you can never have too many pass rushers. Even if Taylor would come back to Miami this regime is set on drafting a pass rusher early. Both Porter and Taylor are old and on the downside of their careers; new blood is needed regardless. How great would it be for someone so loved by the organization and fans to return? Even though I hated the way he handled things last offseason, he remains a standup guy off the field and a great leader and player on it. Please come back, Jason.

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