Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Few Things I Have to Say or I'll Explode With Anger

What is it with the media? They really suck. Well, most of them anyway. The Anthony Smith "guarantee" has been blown out of proportion. Way out of proportion. First off, Anthony Smith didn't even say anything that should piss anyone off. While he used the word 'guarantee' it wasn't like other guarantees. Look at the quote:

"We're going to win," Smith said. "Yeah, I can guarantee a win. As long as we come out and do what we got to do. Both sides of the ball are rolling, and if our special teams come through for us, we've got a good chance to win."
There it is in bold. Guarantee. The media and apparently everyone that hangs on those bumbling idiots every word focus through the word win; they disregard the rest of what Smith said. How about the part where he uses is conditionals? HE IS SAYING THAT THEY WILL WIN IF THEY PLAY WELL. He says that in plain English. I'll sum it up for you: If we execute in all facets of the football game - offense, defense, and special teams - we have a good chance to win. What the hell is wrong with saying that? That is the mantra of a coach; it's a generic answer. This is said before and after every game in some way! Should player's expect to lose? NO! Should Smith have chosen a different word than 'guarantee', which causes mass hysteria, as you can see? Probably. But he didn't. Stop crucifying this guy - and ripping his ability - because of something that was blown out of proportion. Why is it so hard for these "experts" and "journalists" (I use those terms very lightly) to understand this? Smith didn't pull a Chad Johnson or Joey Porter. This wasn't a plain and simple guarantee. There was more to it. Nobody seems to really care. Whatever sells, right? Idiots.

Gene Wojciechowski, an ESPN contributor that I almost always enjoy reading, disappoints me with this trash of an article. He is just another on the long list of "writers" that did what I described above.

And he did. Brady threw four touchdown passes (five, if Randy Moss doesn't contract a brief case of dropsies), steered the Pats to a 13-0 record, and humiliated the second-year pro, Smith, who guaranteed a Pittsburgh victory. Just think what he's going to do to the Spygate snitches New York Jets this Sunday in Foxborough.

Brady now has 45 touchdowns. Forty-five. With three regular-season games to go. You figure he throws nine against the Manginis, six against the winless Miami Dolphins and four against the New York Giants before he's pulled midway through the second quarter. That gives him 64 for the year. The scary thing: I'm only half-kidding.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Spygate snitches? SNITCHES? WTF! How in the world is this Mangini's or the Jets fault? Because they decided to crack down on a cheating organization and an asshole of a Head Coach? I'm thankful that the Jets caught them. Cheating undermines and tarnishes the sanctity of professional football. But the Mangini and the Jets are snitches? Give me a break.
That's more than doable against the Jets, who shouldn't expect any mercy moments from Coach Hoodie at Gillette Stadium.
So it's OK to run up the score versus a hapless team (I don't even have a word for my Dolphins) because they caught you cheating? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this? Why in God's name should Belichick and the Patriots be playing with a chip on their shoulder versus the Jets? Or during this season for any reason? YOU WERE CAUGHT CHEATING! My God! This same idea was mentioned by Chris Berman and the imbecile Keyshawn Johnson (why did ESPN hire him?) on Monday Night Countdown. Berman mentioned the Patriots would have a chip on their shoulder this week and during the game versus the Jets and Keyshawn said that he would score as many points as possible. This is pathetic. First off, the Patriots got off lightly when Goodell "punished" them. But now they are out for revenge? Shouldn't the rest of the NFL be out for revenge? And running the score up - as they did versus Miami, Washington, and Buffalo this year - is childish, dishonorable, and pathetic. We get that you are an amazing team; perhaps the best ever. Why ruin that mystique? Well to me it has already been ruined. But to many it hasn't (guess cheating and classless play doesn't do it for everyone).
Even better, Belichick loosened up after Sunday's game and verbally vaporized the Steelers' Smith. Anybody who thinks Belichick can't hold a grudge or deliver payback -- are you listening, Jets? -- didn't see what he said about Smith after the loss ("He's just not very good," Belichick was quoted in a Chicago Tribune story).
Ya know what Belichick? You're an ass. How's your family? Oops. Guess you're just not very good with that. Adulterer. Divorce. Low blow? Sure. Same thing he did to Anthony Smith, who may not be a superstar but has played more games in the NFL than Belichick did.

Moving on to other things...
  • So far I've been right about Reggie Bush and Vince Young. I said that they would be slightly above-average pros; nothing special. Well VY proved me wrong last year but is having a dismal '07 (Madden curse, anyone?). Bush had a decent rookie year but has done little this year. Finally the rest of the NFL is seeing what I've been saying since his days at USC: he is a complimentary back. He can't take a beating. Bush can only be used as a scatback, change of pace person. Bush will never rush for more than 1,200 yards in a season. I'm not considering this an "I told you so" yet on VY or Bush. I'll wait 'til after Year 3. I'm still sticking with my proclamation before the 2006 draft that neither should be taken before the 15th pick.
  • Most years I'm very good at predicting the NFL playoff teams before the season starts. This year? Not so good. I had Cincinnati winning the AFC North; Baltimore as a Wild Card; the Browns being the worst team in the NFL; Denver becoming an elite team with San Diego, Indianapolis, and New England; Miami winning 7 games (no comment); Buffalo finishing last in the AFC East; San Francisco winning the putrid NFC West; and Chicago taking the NFC North as Green Bay manages to win only 7 games. Do over??
  • The NFL and the media will forget about Michael Vick and dogfighting until Vick is released (earliest being May 2009 on good behavior).
  • I'm anxious and nervous about the Mitchell Report, due out by the New Year. I want to know the people who cheated but I'm afraid some of my favorites could make an appearance on the naughty list.
  • Early season NHL predictions: Vancouver over San Jose in the Western Conference final. Carolina over Ottawa in the Eastern Conference final. Vancouver over Carolina for the Stanley Cup. Detroit chokes in Round 2.
  • Neither the Celtics or Bruins will win a championship this year.
  • The 76ers continue to suck.
  • Tony Romo is the NFC MVP. Brett Favre is a distant second.
  • Why the hell was Joba Chamberlain selected as ESPN's 'Next'? It is clearly Patrick Willis. The kid is a star already. If Joba was on a team other than the Yankees no one would know who he is. Another reason letting the fans vote is crazy, like for the MLB All-Star game. Leave it to coaches, players, and real experts.


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