Monday, December 24, 2007

Pittsburgh Steelers - 2007 AFC North Champs

Good things happen to the Steelers in Cincinnati late in the season. Two years ago, it was a win in the first round of the playoffs after Carson Palmer got hurt and the Bengals quit. Last year, the Steelers were eliminated from the playoffs already, but were able to also eliminate the Bengals with a dramatic overtime win on the last week of the season. This year, the Steelers weren't even involved, but the Bengals win over the Browns on Sunday sealed up the division championship. A lot of criticism has been thrown on the team the past month or so, but when you put everything in perspective this has been a pretty amazing year for the black and gold. In his first year as coach, Mike Tomlin has done something with the Steelers that we weren't even able to do when we won the Super Bowl two years agon - win the AFC North division. One more win in Baltimore next week will match the record of that season, and the record of Bill Cowher's first year in 1992.

There's still something to play for, with the 3rd seed still up for grabs. We will have to beat Baltimore next week and hope the Chargers either lose tonight vs. Denver or next week at Oakland. The difference between the 3rd and 4th seed? 3rd seed hosts either Cleveland or Tennessee in the wild card game, and the 4th seed hosts Jacksonville. 3rd seed would go to Indianapolis if they win the wild card game, and the 4th seed would likely go to Team X. So Tomlin will have some decisions to make next week as to whether to rest some banged up players or not. Regardless, it feels good to be on top again.

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