Monday, December 24, 2007

Rejected :(

Some of you may remember me putting my name in for the head coaching position at the University of Michigan several weeks ago. Not only was I not contacted for an interview (I guess they read the blog), not only did they make their choice and announce it on national television before contacting me, but I get this email this morning. Keep in mind today is CHRISTMAS EVE.

Dear Jonathan Donati:

Thank you for your application for the HEAD FOOTBALL COACH position in the department of Athletics, requisition number 13431. This position was posted 11/26/2007 through 12/19/2007. The department has completed their activity on this position, and it has been filled.

You are encouraged to continue your career search by using the University's automated employment system at If you have questions about this email or your application(s) for positions, please call the HR/Payroll Service Center at 734/615-2000.


The University of Michigan

Are you kidding me? Obviously I wasn't seriously under consideration for this job, but what if I actually was a coach who had serious interest in the job? Or what if I'm applying for a different job in the university that actually has an interview process (which we all know head coaching positions don't)? They actually have the nerve to reject applicants on CHRISTMAS EVE?? Good golly Michigan is more evil than I had ever thought.

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grinches there at UM