Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shut Up!!!!!!

Bill Belichick continues to be a complete ass. Apparently, there was a cameraman in the stands behind the end-zone at last year's Jets v. Pats playoff game. His purpose (according to the Jets and not disputed by anyone yet) was to just film the game from that perspective. That cameraman was kicked out because he didn't have permission (which the Jets claimed he had). Either way, Belichick then felt the need to officially go on the record saying that the Patriots had never granted the guy permission. That begs the question..


I blame this current debacle on the Pats and the media. If the Patriots thought that he was doing anything blatantly illegal (ie taping signals), you bet your ass Belichick would have turned in the Jets just as Mangini did to the Pats. However, he didn't. So who cares. He was filming the game!!! I loved how Belichick kept going on about how all this stuff was "in the past" earlier this week, yet he decided to bring it up two days before the rematch. The media is just looking for any kind of fuel for the spygate fire so they have more material to write and it's getting to be pretty pathetic. The fact of the matter is, the Jets and Pats have an extremely sour relationship and have had one for a very long time. The two franchises hate each other. It's almost like two little turns the other in for something legitimately bad so the other one says "well he/she did this before too!" Too late guys. If the Pats thought the Jets were doing something bad, then they should have turned them in then and there. They didn't, and haven't even proven that they were even really doing anything that bad. The Patriots just really need to shut up.

I hope karma comes around and give the Patriots a swift kick in the ass tomorrow. Remember, the Jets beat the Pats last year during the regular season during terrible weather conditions. That will be the case tomorrow. Anything goes...

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