Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the Steroid Season - Mitchell Report Out Today (2pm EST)

Crazy day. There are various rumors out there on who is named in the George Mitchell report on steroids in baseball. There is a press conference today at 2pm EST and ESPN is having 6 straight hours of coverage from 1pm-7pm. MLB Commissioner is expected to have a press conference around 4:30pm EST. Who will be on the list? Well there are some foregone conclusions (Sosa, Bonds, McGwire, etc.). Well there is a pretty hefty list circulating the internet now and rumor mongers are claiming the list is pretty accurate. Only time will tell. The steroid list is below (taken from Deadspin). I've highlighted some big name/surprising players. Remember, these are based on rumors, not facts. The truth is told at 2pm.

Brady Anderson
Manny Alexander
Rick Ankiel
Jeff Bagwell
Barry Bonds
Aaron Boone
Rafael Bettancourt
Bret Boone
Milton Bradley
David Bell
Dante Bichette
Albert Belle
Paul Byrd
Wil Cordero
Ken Caminiti
Mike Cameron
Ramon Castro
Jose and Ozzie Canseco
Roger Clemens
Paxton Crawford
Wilson Delgado
Lenny Dykstra
Johnny Damon
Carl Everett
Kyle Farnsworth
Ryan Franklin
Troy Glaus
Rich Garces
Jason Grimsley
Juan Gonzalez
Eric Gagne
Nomar Garciaparra
Jason Giambi
Jeremy Giambi
Jose Guillen
Jay Gibbons
Clay Hensley
Jerry Hairston
Felix Heredia, Jr.
Darren Holmes
Wally Joyner
Darryl Kile
Matt Lawton
Raul Mondesi
Mark McGwire
Guillermo Mota
Robert Machado
Damian Moss
Abraham Nunez
Trot Nixon
Jose Offerman
Andy Pettitte
Mark Prior
Neifi Perez
Rafael Palmiero
Albert Pujols (Not In Mitchell Report)

Brian Roberts

Juan Rincon
John Rocker
Pudge Rodriguez
Sammy Sosa
Scott Schoenweiis
David Segui
Alex Sanchez
Gary Sheffield
Miguel Tejada
Julian Tavarez
Fernando Tatis
Mo Vaughn
Jason Varitek
Ismael Valdes
Matt Williams
Kerry Wood

Remember, all conjecture/rumors. In my opinion the biggest names are: Roger Clemens, Albert Pujols, Troy Glaus, Gary Sheffield, Miguel Tejada, and Jason Varitek.

So glad that Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels aren't on the rumor list. Let's hope they aren't on the real list, either.

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