Saturday, January 9, 2010

0-for-1 a.k.a Damn Jets

This is why I don't get paid the big bucks to prognosticate.

The Jets beat the Bengals and Mark Sanchez did his part to not screw it up. Who would have thunk it? I mean, besides E and Rex?

Congrats, Jets. You earn the right to play the Colts in Indy. Have fun with that.

And the Bengals streak is up to 20 years since their last playoff victory. God, that sucks.

I hope my skills improve over the next 3 games. And then continue into next week.


E said...

i was damn close to nailing that score too lol. off by 1 point for each team. i'm looking good in the night cap thus far too.

E said...

ahh and i just nailed the eagles and was off by 3 with dallas