Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book - DRAFT SEASON: Four Months on the clock

I know I focus a lot on the NFL draft around here, especially the past 2 years. This year will be lighter nut I assure you I'll have a mock or two up eventually, plus a breakdown of the Dolphins and maybe a few other teams.

While you're on the edge of your seat waiting for that stuff, why not read a book?

DRAFT SEASON: Four Months on the clock senior writer Bobby Deren presents DRAFT SEASON, the thrilling story of four young football players as they prepare for the bewildering, multi-million dollar extravaganza that is the NFL Draft. Morgan Trent, Kenny McKinley, Frantz Joseph and Lydon Murtha come from different backgrounds, but are united in their determination to make it to the NFL. Once they have played their final down of college football, their eyes immediately turn toward the NFL Draft. Deren followed these four players from the time they finished their college careers all the way through the 2009 NFL Draft. DRAFT SEASON takes you inside the everyday battles each player endures as he tries to achieve his lifelong goal of playing in the NFL.

DRAFT SEASON is the first book that enables readers to live the experience, as these four young men – physically powerful but often emotionally fragile – experience a tumultuous four months from collegiate dominance, through the first tinges of career anxiety as they seek out unimagined wealth and a place in the National Football League. DRAFT SEASON exposes readers to the players on a personal level during this stressful period, to understand the world as they saw it – to experience the simmering tension that only a twenty-two year old vying for legitimacy with a billion dollar franchise can know. DRAFT SEASON also features insight from current NFL coaches, general managers, former NFL coaches and some of the nation’s most renowned NFL Draft experts in addition to a host of current NFL players. Learn more about DRAFT SEASON at or at

Bobby Deren has been featured on numerous television and radio broadcasts offering his expertise on college football. He graduated from Delaware Valley College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and is also a former college athlete.

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