Saturday, January 16, 2010


By Your Athletic Supporter, Jack Strap

If Sports Fountainhead Founding Father J.Mays can courageously come back from an 0-4 picking week & make predictions for the EAGLES-LESS 8, then so can I from 1-3. With my EAGLES out, I guess their big question is if Donovan "Chunky Soup" McNabb will "be back" (say it like The Terminator, the now CA Governor)? Well to semi-quote The Clash "If he stays there will be trouble, if he goes there will be double." On to the teams still playing:

Cardinal @ Saints: Over/Under is 57 points, I'm going with the Under as Drew "Cool" Brees (my fantasy football QB) shows why he should have been the NFL MVP by leading his Saints marching in for a late TD & a 28-27 win.

Ravens @ Colts: OK, Peyton "Place" Manning was the MVP yet again, but he'll just be good enough to win in this one, 20-14.

Jets @ Chargers: Nobody's talking about the Chargers, so I will--they have a good team. Good enough to shut-up Rexy Ryan's Jets 21-13.

Cowboys @ Vikings: I saved what I believe is the best game of the EAGLES-LESS 8 Round of the Playoffs for last. It's also the most interesting game to me as a Cowboys-hater. So I can't be unbiased, but that won't stop me from predicting that Brett "Wrangling Man" Favre will move one-step closer to why he came back this year by sending Tony Romo down to Kokomo. Vikes 30 Cowboys 20.

And when it's all said & done, Remember you heard it right here in the Sports Fountainhead.

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