Thursday, January 7, 2010


By Your Athletic Supporter, Jack Strap

With College Football's clock winding down, I'm ANNOINTING the Alabama Crimson Tide as the National Champions, and it's time to turn our attention to the NFL with the Playoffs starting Saturday.

There has been so much NFL ANNOINTING through out this year by the so-called experts & talking heads. In the NFC it was hard to remember after seeing them blown out in their final 2 games, but my pal Swoop reminded me that the Giants were the 1st to be ANNOINTED when they started 5-0 before being thumped by the Saints. The Saints were next for ANNOINTMENT if not then, then certainly after they pasted the Patriots to move to 11-0, they were ANNOINTED as unbeatable, especially at Home until they lost there back-to-back to the Cowboys & Bucs. The Vikings then jumped into the ANNOINTMENT void led by Brent Favre & Adrian Peterson, but they then lost to the Panthers & Bears. So it was the Eagles turn to be ANNOINTED after 6 straight wins until they were hog-tied by the Cowboys last week. So now the Cowboys are the ANNOINTED Ones which isn't a good spot to be in judging by above.

In the AFC with Brady back & Belichick a poorly dressed genius, the Pats were ANNOITED by many heading into the season. The ANNOINTING bandwagon then was switched to the Defending Champion Steelers who started 6-2 with quality wins over the Chargers, Broncos & Vikings before unbelievably losing to the Chiefs, Raiders & Browns. So the Colts were there to be ANNOINTED with a lot of close wins including one given to them on 4th down by the aforementioned "genius" and I guess they remain the ANNOINTED heading into the Playoffs, but again--is that really where you want to be?

Also since I've been writing this, the Longhorns of Texas have come back from the dead down 24-6 to within 24-21 with 6 minutes left vs. aforementioned ANNOITED Alabama, so I'll bring this to an end & fully enjoy that finish.

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