Saturday, January 9, 2010


By Your Athletic Supporter, Jack Strap

With all the regular season ANNOINTING (see story below) over & E's picks in, let me take a shot at predicting ROUND 1 {DING-DING} of the NFL Playoffs:

Jets @ Bengals: As a life-long Eagles fan, I really miss Buddy Ryan but at least this week we had his son Rex making bold proclamations (the nut doesn't fall far from the tree). So for Buddy, I say Jets 20 Bengals 14.

Eagles @ Cowboys: Can you imagine what it would have been like this week if the aforementioned Buddy Ryan & Jimmy "The Hair" Johnson were coaching this game rather than boring Andy & Wade? No pre-game hype, but post-game celebration by the Eagles after winning 27-21 in Jerry's Joint.

Ravens @ Patriots: OK, I can't pick another road-winner in ROUND 1 {DING-DING} of the NFL PLAYOFFS, but the loss of Welker will be a problem for the Pats next week. This week it's Patriots 21 Ravens 13.

Packers @ Cardinals: This game will be a lot closer than the temperature difference in Green Bay (18 degrees forecast @ game-time tomorrow) vs. 70 degrees in Glendale. I'm thinking that Brett Favre will be watching his under-study Aaron Rodgers lead a 4th quarter comeback for the Pack 35-31.

Ring that ROUND 1 Bell {DING-DING} & let the PLAYOFFS begin!

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