Sunday, January 10, 2010

0-for-2 a.k.a Damn Eagles

Oh boy, here we go again. After not getting a SINGLE GAME RIGHT last year, I'm off to a stupendous start this year. On to 0-2!

I wish I could just be 0-2*, since I admitted I really just decided on the Eagles because that would mean when the Packers beat Arizona they'd head to Minnesota. I want that. But I know it doesn't work that way.

The Eagles looked awful after the challenge by Wade Phillips reversed the INT call. They looked unprepared (Andy Reid's fault) and disinterested, almost like they gave up (team leaders fault, probably McNabb). I know a lot of fans want changes in Philadelphia and they may get it. Brian Westbrook is probably gone (they don't use him anyway) and McNabb is probably 50/50. The thing is, who do you replace him with? Vick is not a good QB, despite the TD throw last night, and Kolb is still inexperienced and an INT machine. But, you have to start rebuilding at some point because this era of Eagles football should be coming to a close. Was it successful? That depends on your definition. I'd tend to say yes but, without a Super Bowl win, it's hard to say so for sure.

Congratulations Dallas Cowboys as you exorcised your playoff demons. I have to admit, the 'boys look good. Now I just need them to trounce Brett Favre next week an I may need to really start pulling for them (FYI, I'm hoping for the Saints out of the NFC).

0-2 feels great...for a second year in a row!

Wow, I suck at this.

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