Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Picks for 2010 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round

E and Jack Strap have made their picks so I guess I should man up and make some "bold predictions sure to be wrong" as well. I won't make you wait any longer; I know the suspense is just killing you.

Saturday's Games
#6 Jets @ #3 Bengals - One of three rematches in the Wild Card round. An intriguing matchup since Rex Ryan believes his team should be Super Bowl favorites and the Bengals showed little fight in Week 17. I think Cincinnati has much more in store for the J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS! this time around. However, defense (and running games) win championships so it won't be a blowout. Jets keep it close but the inexperienced and overrated Mark Sanchez can be the hero when his team needs him to be

PREDICTION: Bengals 16, Jets 10

#6 Eagles @ #3 Cowboys - Another rematch, however a much better one in the late game. Sure, the Jets and Bengals should be close and go down to the wire but this is a rivalry. Easily one of the best in the NFL. The Cowboys have never beaten a team three times in a season. The Eagles have the better coaching staff and playoff record (4-0 in Wild Card round). I know Wade Phillips seems to have made strides this season and the Cowboys had a great December for the first time in a long time but... I just don't like the feeling I have. It will be a great game. That's all I'm hoping for*.

PREDICTION: Eagles 27, Cowboys 21

Sunday's Games
#5 Ravens @ #4 Patriots - The only non week 17 rematch features two opponents that are really starting to hate each other. The Ravens think the Patriots, specifically QB Tom Brady, get way too many penalties called that are borderline or unwarranted [I tend to agree]. The Patriots want to prove they can overcome Welker's injury and a mediocre defense to obtain the mystique they carried from 2004 through 2007. I think this will be a battle and a bad penalty could have a huge impact on this game.

PREDICTION: Patriots 24, Ravens 17

#5 Packers @ #4 Cardinals - And finally, the 3rd Week 17 rematch of the Wild Card round. This game wasn't even close in the final week of the regular season and I really don't think it will be any different here. Sure, Warner didn't play the whole game but that wasn't the only problem. Anquan Boldin and Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie are doubtful and that is a huge blow to all three facets of the Cardinals game. I think the Packers are on too much of a roll and the Cardinals are too beat up and weak to stop Rodgers and Co. Of course, Arizona could prove me wrong and play like they did in January last year.

PREDICTION: Packers 31, Cardinals 20

*Total disclosure... I really think the Cowboys can win. But, I want to see Aaron Rodgers and the Packers CRUSH the Vikings in the Divisional Round. So, since I was 50/50 on the Eagles/Cowboys I went with what had to happen to get Green Bay to Minnesota next week.

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