Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elite 8 Picks

Alright, we're only an hour away from this round kicking off so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Cardinals @ Saints

If you like points, then watch this game. I think the Saints got lucky in a heck of a lot of games this year and haven't looked good in a long time. The Cardinals have this guy called Kurt Warner who I would take over Drew Brees in these playoffs. Cardinals pull away late in the 3rd behind a huge game from Warner.

Cardinals 44 Saints 31

Ravens @ Colts

Close one here. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Ravens pull it off but I think the Colts are just too good. Flacco ailing is certainly a worry too. I see Matt Stover sinking his old team late.

Colts 20 Ravens 17

Cowboys @ Vikings

Simply put, the Cowboys are just too good right now to be shut down by the struggling Vikings (that game against the Giants doesn't count). I see them going to the Super Bowl, to be honest. Cowboys shut down Favre (thankfully) and Peterson and their 3 backs have a huge game.

Cowboys 30 Vikings 20

Jets @ Chargers

I'll be honest, it's tough to pick this game without any bias. I know that this certainly won't be as easy of a game for the Jets as the Bengals game was. Huge matchup issues ahead for New York with the SD tight end attack. I think the Jets will be able to put up some points as the Chargers run defense is suspect and the Jets have the best O-line and rushing attack (statistically at least) in the land. I'm calling for a huge interception by Kerry Rhodes late, leading to a Jay Feely FG in the final minute.

Jets 29 Chargers 27