Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Picks for 2010 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championships

Nope, I didn't get to 0-8 thanks to the Cardinals Cowboys Chargers Colts; 1-7 will have to do. Alas, there are 2 more games to pick! Onward for my 2009-2010 Conference Championship selections...

#5 Jets @ #1 Colts - Seriously, WTF?!?! How is this possible?!?! I get the Bengals, but the Chargers too? There is something that wants the Jets in this position, but what is it? AND WHY? Regardless of those philosophical musings, the Jets are here and only the Colts stand in their way of the freakin' Super Bowl. I've been picking against them for a few weeks now. It's time to end that. I picked against them because, well, I HATE them and believe they're overrated. And they are. That's not different. They're 9-7 regular season record says that. As does their subpar QB. But they're playing hot at the right time, just like a few past Wild Card teams. Props to them. And of course, as the cliche goes, defense wins championships (a good running game doesn't hurt, either). Sorry, Peyton. These Jets are soaring - all the way to Miami.

PREDICTION: Jets 17, Colts 13

#2 Vikings @ #1 Saints - I hate Brett Favre. Hate. HATE. So seeing him do this again is aggravating. I don't want him to accomplish anything more. It burns me up inside. That's why I need the Saints to win. I can't handle Favre in another Super Bowl. I don't want him in one again, let alone to win the whole damn thing. The Vikings looked great last week against an overmatched Cowboys team, which surprised most people. Can they do it against a supposedly stronger opponent? On their field? In a city that has never seen a Super Bowl-caliber team (other than when they're hosting it)? Won't happen, right? Well I'm going to say - much like the Jets/Colts game - that whoever I want to win, won't. Damn, damn, damn!

PREDICTION: Vikings 28, Saints 24

If my predictions come true then I'll go undefeated in a round for the first time. However it will also cause this to happen...

Me if the Jets AND Vikings win on Sunday.

And I won't be watching.

However, if I go 1-1 or, better yet, 0-2 (hey, it's VERY likely based on the past 2 weeks) then I will be very happy.

Go Colts. And Saints.

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