Monday, January 4, 2010

Passing thoughts on the Jets

As JMays mentioned early, sorry for the lack of posts. I'll try to pick up on them in the coming days. New Years resolution perhaps? Well I'll start with a few things on the Jets.

For starters, I am incredibly grateful that the Jets made the playoffs. 4 way tie for 2 spots and they got in. Doesn't always break in your favor but luckily for the Jets, it did. Now about the last two weeks that some would deem controversial. OK, so the Colts game was pretty much handed to us. While I won't try to validate that win, keep in mind that we were certainly not out of that game when the Colts benched Manning and other starters. Would we have won if they stayed in? Probably not...but I wouldn't flat out say 'no.' Now yesterday against the Bengals...I've heard a lot of people discrediting that win because the Jets had everything to play for and the Bengals had nothing to play for. Fair enough...but the Bengals went in to that game playing all their healthy starters (outside of Benson) and the Jets just flat out pummeled them for 60 minutes. Sure the Bengals did not want to tip their hand but I'm certain they didn't want to get caught with their pants down on national television when they keep whining about not getting any respect.

The Jets are looking pretty good heading into Wildcard Weekend and I think they could certainly make some noise. Statistically, they have the top defense in the league and Revis is sure to shut down Ochocinco (has he changed his name back to Johnson yet?) again. The Jets also have the top rushing offense in the league and that's due to one thing. The O-Line. I think it's safe to say it's the best in the league and I'm not saying that as a homer. It's stacked. Mangold, Faneca, Ferguson, Woody, Moore...that's a pretty sick line. You need a strong rushing attack and shut down defense to go places in the playoffs and the Jets have both of those things. I'm not going to be a disillusioned fan and say they're going to run all the way to the Superbowl but you can't just count these Jets out.

If anything, these Jets will be playoff (and hopefully Superbowl) contenders in the coming years as long as they stay healthy and Sanchez progresses.

Also, on a sad note, the daughter of Jets owner Woody Johnson was found dead in LA earlier today. She was apparently engaged to Tila Tequila...who knew? Thoughts are certainly with the Johnson family at this time.

Credit the Newark Star-Ledger with the pictures (Andrew Mills)