Thursday, January 21, 2010


By Your Athletic Supporter, Jack Strap

So I'm coming off a 3-1 prognosticating week with the J-E-T-S Jets as the only blemish--besides the Sports Fountainhead's "E", who had the Jets last week? So now it's on to the Big Time--The AFC & NFC CHAMPIONSHIP Games:

Jets @ Colts
Remember 1969 when "Broadway" Joe Namath guaranteed a CHAMPIONSHIP victory over the Colts? OK, some of you weren't born yet, but you've heard about that right? Another interesting parallel from 1969 was that Buddy Ryan was then a Jets Coach and this week it's his son Rex whose leading his Jets vs. the Colts. Maybe all this is telling me something about who I should pick? Could "Hollywood" Mark Sanchez be the modern day "Broadway" Joe? Nah, Colts 20 Jets 10

Vikings @ Saints
Remember 2008 Week 5 MNF when the Vikings ventured into New Orleans? Come on, you were all living then. Let me refresh you, Minnesota won 30-27 on a FG with 13 seconds left. Noteworthy was that this game was the first in NFL history that had a combination of a blocked field goal, a TD pass by a non-quarterback (Chester Taylor), two field goals of beyond 50 yards and two punt return touchdowns (by Reggie Bush). The Vikes prevailed then despite having Gus Frerotte at QB & Andrian Peterson only rushing for 32 yards on 21 carries. So I predict in this NFC CHAMPIONSHIP Game that Brett Favre will make Vikings fans forget about Gus Frerotte (I'm really out on a limb there) & Adrian Peterson will run for over 100 yards (that sounds like an easy prediction, but he hasn't run for 100 since Week 10 vs. Lions), and Drew Brees' Saints will still come marching into the Super Bowl with a 28-27 victory.

And remember, you heard it right here in the Sports Fountainhead.

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