Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Analyze This: Sports Fountainhead Statistics

**NOTE: This has nothing to do with sports.***

I found this awesome Google software (free, of course) that tracks all kinds of things for your web page. I placed it on this site around October 21st and got rid of the counter at the bottom of the page. The old counter counted every page view which can be misleading since it adds a view every time the page is reloaded. While the new counter can't be seen by the public, it can be seen by me (and E). It is pretty sweet. Since I added the new Google Analytics pack we have received almost 600 page views (444 unique visits). We average around 40 visits a day with a high of 77 so far.

The best feature by far is the Map Overlay. You can actually see where (continent, country, city) each and every visitor came from. Besides having visitors from 38 of the 51 possible U.S. states/regions (including Washington, D.C.), we have had visitors from Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Romania, and Estonia.

Back to the U.S. We seem to lack visitors from New England (excluding Massachusetts), and oddly enough, Delaware and West Virginia. I say that is odd because they are geographically close to the teams we talk most about. We also lack an audience in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Obviously, Pennsylvania and Indiana are the most trafficked but California comes in 3rd with Ohio and New York tied for 4th.

Below I've placed a few images from the Google Analytics pack. Check them out! I wish I would have had this since this version of the site opened in August...

Each orange dot represents a city that has registered hits on Sports Fountainhead. It's hard to tell, but there is a giant dot over the northeastern U.S. Those are the hits from State College, PA (see it larger by clicking on it).

Here is a list of the Top 25 cities to visit Sports Fountainhead since October 21st, 2007.

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