Friday, October 26, 2007

The Reason behind 16-7

I made a prediction for the score of the game, so I figure that I might as well back it up.

I only really see both teams scoring one TD. The PSU defense will have that typical one drive where they give up the big plays which will result in a Chris Wells scamper for a TD. Other than that, I really don't see OSU scoring other than that unless it comes via a Morelli INT (which is entirely possible).

The crowd will give OSU tons of problems. You always hear how it's tough to be #1 because you have a bullseye on your back. Well in Happy Valley, that bullseye will be magnified x1000. Even I feel even more excited/motivated to scream the whole time OSU is on offense than last time they came into town. OSU players explained how the field literally shook when they were on the field for offense in 2005. I don't care how cool and composed you are, that's gotta be pretty damn intimidating. Boeckman has been incredibly shaky at times and I find it hard to believe he'll be able to move the offense very far in such a difficult playing environment. It's really going to come down to Wells running the ball. That being said, OSU will struggle to make first downs, resulting in a field position battle which Penn State should win. Penn State will be able to get into Kevin Kelly's range a few times and I see him coming through with 3 FGs.

While Morelli frightens me as our QB, I think he's finally started to get his stuff together. I know he'll try even harder than usual because he knows how badly he screwed us over at the Horseshoe last year. I think he'll throw a 1-2 picks, but I see it more as a result of bad routes/good defense than Morelli making an error. Hopefully Kinlaw can establish somewhat of a running game so Morelli will have an easier time throwing the ball.

Let's Go State.

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