Monday, October 29, 2007

Ohio State has no class

While this may not be a surprise to anyone (especially those Michigan and Penn State fans that have made the unfortunate trip through hell known as Columbus, OH), Ohio State fans have sunken to a new low.

Ohio State fans destroy the 'Paternoville 2007' sign placed outside of Gate A at Beaver Stadium. The graffiti reads "Border War, Go Bucks, #1" with Paternoville crossed out. Penn State fans react by taping a makeshift 'Got Class?' sign.

Was this really necessary? Paternoville officially started the week before the Penn State-Ohio State game in 2005. This was somewhat of a 2 year anniversary of the tradition that will more than likely continue for years to come. Previous versions of the Paternoville sign were autographed by players and coaches -- including JoePa -- and auctioned off...FOR CHARITY. I guess that won't be happening this year, huh?

As if Penn State needed another reason to hate Ohio State (on a side note, drop the fucking pretentious emphasis on the 'THE' when you speak about OSU. You're just the Ohio State University. Not THE Ohio State University. Assholes.) Ohio State fans are continually the rudest of fans, both on the road and at the Horseshoe. There have been numerous counts of rude, obnoxious, and downright disgusting behavior from the Buckeye faithful (Buckeye, great mascot).

Does this all together surprise me? No. Buckeyes, in general, are assholes.


E said...

Surprising that Belichick didn't go there.

Anonymous said...

Boo fuckin' hoo! Crying over a fuckin' bed sheet. You should be more ticked off that The Ohio State University pounded your hapless Nittany Lions and your foot-in-the-grave coach.

Yeah, I also remember seeing the YouTube video of Penn State being classless assholes, too.

Remember, you shouldn't shit where you sleep, fucktard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cry me a river you PSU pussy. GO BUCKS!

Anonymous said...

OH NO! Ohio State fans deface a sheet in front of a bunch of tents! Cry me a river you PSU pussy!


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