Monday, October 29, 2007

Speaking of no class...

This may be how many of Boston fans feel. And that is terribly sad.

The New England Patriots football organization has taken a dramatic turn within the last 6-12 months. Once seen as the epitome of a strong NFL -- great teamwork, player development, win with dignity and honor, etc. -- the Patriots are now the epitome of classless (Ohio State fans, I hear Belichick will be the keynote speaker at your graduation ceremonies this year). What started as taunting and childlike behavior from the players after they upset San Diego in the playoffs last year (remember how pissed L.T. was?) evolved into cheating and now running up the score. The only NFL fans that defend the Patriots are Patriot fans. The rest of this league is disgusted. What a turn of events.

During the 2001-2002 season when the Patriots began their "dynasty" they were the toast of the league. And again when they beat the Panthers and Eagles in back-to-back years to make it 3 Super Bowls in 4 years they were on top. The NFL didn't mind. In the age of free agency no team was really supposed to be this dominant. And they were doing it without big name players. They continued to let veterans walk. They didn't spend loads of money. They were a team under a genius of a coach.

This is all tainted now. I'm not speaking of your Super Bowls -- keep them; you earned them. But since January until now the team is a disgrace. There really is no need to address the stealing signals fiasco. Everyone knows what happened. But it seems that Belichick now has a chip on his shoulder. My question is, WHY? You were caught cheating! It's the fans fault? Its the other teams fault? It's the NFL's fault? No it is your fault (you Bill Belichick, you the New England Patriots). You don't deserve anything. There is absolutely no reason to steal signals. And there is certainly no reason to rub in inferior teams faces, as you have now done the last two weeks.

Being a Miami fan -- but more importantly, a football fan -- I was disgusted when Brady returned to the field two weeks ago to add another TD in a game that was already locked up. You were leading 42-0 at halftime. You ran a FAKE SPIKE PLAY at the end of the 2nd quarter to go up 42-0. Classless. Congratulations on destroying a team that probably couldn't beat Boston College right now. And now this week. What do you have against the Redskins? Against Joe Gibbs? Did they tip the league off that you were stealing the Jets signals? You were up 38-0 (and already ran your FAKE SPIKE PLAY) and went for it on 4th and 1 from the 7 in the 4th quarter? Did you ever hear of a field goal? Gostkowski not good enough for you? Might miss that FG from PAT range? 45-0. But, alas, you would out due yourself again. Fourth down later, you go for it...and score another TD. Final score: 52-7. Classless.

You cannot defend yourselves. It doesn't matter that Brady was no longer in the game. You were still throwing the ball. You were up by 5+ TDs. Run the ball. Run, run, run! I don't want to hear that sad excuse that these are professionals, either. And that they were just doing what an offense is supposed to do. Well all humans are supposed to possess humility and some dignity. Well you obviously don't. We understand how good you are. No need to humiliate a team. When you lead a team by more than 28 points in the 4th, your done. No more scoring. No more starters. If, with your backups, you continue to drive down the field running the ball then fine. But don't throw. Never throw.

Am I a little bitter? Yes. A little jealous? Of course. Who wouldn't want an all but perfect (talent wise, that is) team. The Super Bowl is almost a given. Beat Indy this weekend and the Lombardi is yours. As a football fan I will be cheering hard for the Colts (and I HATE Peyton Manning so this will be hard to do). There was an article published on ESPN's Page 2 recently about good and evil, Colts vs Patriots. I though it was a little far-fetched but possibly true. Now there is no doubt in my mind.

The transition of the Patriots from the second coming of America's Team to the epitome of classless and evil was a quick one. I can only hope that the Colts run the score up on you.



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Steely McDonati said...

2007 Patriots = 2005 Colts.