Monday, October 29, 2007

A-Rod's New Destination

Now that A-Rod and Scott Boras have hit a new low (who knew that was possible with Boras), we can only look forward to where A-Rod will go. I believe the answer is simple.

San Francisco.

I'll give you a few simple answers as to why.

1) He'll probably only have to travel to the Bronx one or two more times in his career. A must for a schizophrenic like A-Rod.
2) San Francisco media? He won't have a thing to worry about there.
3) The scenery. I mean, A-Rod seems like a sentimental, sensitive kinda guy, right? I've been to San Fran. Some nice views.
4) Who else plays for them? He's a cocky guy and wants to be the toast of the town. No issues there. 49ers still suck.
5) He's in the NL West. The Rockies were a fluke. A guy like A-Rod in that division could change a heck of a lot.

and the main reason is...

6) San Francisco loves Barry Bonds. If a town can love Barry Bonds, they can love anybody.

Those things being said, A-Rod's bat in the lineup will certainly be missed...a lot. Everything else about him, not so much. I'd obviously rather have him on my team than not but oh well. He's an ass. Peace out A-Rod...and don't ever come back to the Bronx.

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