Monday, October 15, 2007


Guys. Srsly. After the past 3 weeks in college football, after PSU's destructive win over Wisconsin, after 3 number 1's in 3 weeks, in the midst of what may be one of the wildest and most unpredictable college football season's ever, in the middle of the baseball playoffs and one of the greatest runs by the Rockies in baseball history, in an NFL season in which there are two teams that could go undefeated (one after they play each other), what are we talking about on this blog?

Naturally, we're arguing about who is the best team in the MAC East.

Personally my vote is for Buffalo, but c'mon, being the best team in the MAC East is like being the most intelligent Spice Girl.

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TAS said...

Yeah, well if I didn't have four exams in the next seven days, I'd be blogging more.

Plus, I'm in class right now, so I still can't. But you seem to have the time since you never come to this class anyway. :)