Friday, October 19, 2007


This weekend yours truly will be schlepping out to Bloomington, IN this weekend to catch the Nittany Lions take on the Indiana Hoosiers! Ok, so it's not the most captivating matchup on the boards this weekend, but given the way we play on the road, and Indiana being a little better than usual, it could be an interesting game. If we survive the severe weather outbreak on the way, I will be back on Monday with a full recap of the game and the town of Bloomington, Friday Night Tailgate style.


  • The main difference between Austin Scott and Scirotto, etc. was that for them it was a first time incident, while Austin has been a bad seed since he arrived on campus in 2003. JoePa has already given him numerous second chances, including the redshirt last year so he would be eligible this year. The rape charges are rightfully the last straw. Also, in this society rape is second to murder (and maybe dogfighting, I kid) on the totem pole of horrendous crimes. So that may also be a reason for the harsher reaction.
  • I addressed the letter to Mr. Torre after the Yankees lost to the Indians, and now that it is official he is not returning to New York I want him to know the offer is still there to come to Pittsburgh. I'll write more about this shortly.
  • Looks like the debate on whether to include South Florida in the BCS title game will end prematurely, as Rutgers pulled off their annual Upset a BCS Contender at Home tonight. That leaves the list of unbeatens at 5: Ohio State (plays at PSU and Michigan), Boston College (plays at VA Tech), Kansas (plays actual Big 12 teams), Arizona State (plays USC, Cal, Oregon, and don't forget Stanford!*), Hawaii (plays Boise State). Kids, there's a very good chance that no one will come out of this season undefeated. This season may be the biggest argument against the BCS yet, and for a playoff.

*ASU actually already played Stanford, and crushed them, like you would expect a BCS contender to do.

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