Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Official

Austin Scott is toast. Currently its a headline on,, What awesome publicity our team has been getting lately.

***Update...still a headline on as of 2am Saturday...been up since about 4pm Friday...***

He was officially charged with "rape, sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault." So much for a potential "misunderstanding" as his mother put it. The whole story seems kinda fishy nonetheless. He apparently met the woman at a bar that Thursday night (which is apparently breaking a rule in the first place because he was at a bar 48 hours before kickoff) and then the whole incident occurred. As is the case in all these occurrences, the Scott camp is claiming it was consensual. Who knows what the truth is but the fact that he would put himself in a such a situation is downright despicable. You're the starting running back (well, kinda) and you go out a couple days before the Big Ten home opener and get trashed (it was apparently alcohol influenced) and do something stupid. You don't deserve to play for Penn State.

To quote Colorado coach Dan Hawkins, "This ain't intramurals!" If you play for a big time football program, you gotta be dedicated. Austin, apparently, was not.

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