Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a Pathetic Showing

Wow. Just wow.

Ohio State dominated Penn State tonight to the tune of 37-17 in Happy Valley. It is only Penn State's 2nd lost at home in their last 20 games (last was Michigan on 10/14/2006). The effort put forth by the Nittany Lions was nothing short of PATHETIC. They looked like they may have came to play holding OSU to a field goal and then driving down the field to answer with a TD to make the score 7-3. They would only lead for about 5 minutes. Anthony Morelli was his unspectacular, mediocre self, going 12 of 21 for 121 yards and - of course - 1 INT.

My biggest complaint has to be about the defense. The play calling was terrible. The team looked unprepared. That falls directly on coaching. This was not Tom Bradley's best game. But the players didn't accomplish what they could control. Missed tackles, blown coverages, bad angles, etc. What were they doing?

I am really tired of commentators and "experts" referring to Justin King as a shut down corner. HE IS NOT. Stop complimenting him. Maybe when he accomplishes something worthwhile we can praise him. But what has he done? Really? Nothing. Oh, wow, he shut down Ted Ginn, Jr. last year. Ted Ginn is/was overrated. He is a return specialist. He was only a receiver because he was fast. Ginn runs terrible routes. Congratulations shutting someone down that has average hands and is a sub par WR. King should not leave PSU early for the draft. This game, much like last weeks disaster against James Hardy, proved that King has a ways to go. I don't want to hear excuses about zone coverage. It is still your area. Take control of it. Besides, versus Robiskie tonight, King was man-to-man and still got burned. Make a play! How about an INT?

I don;'t want to just pick on King. The entire defense was lackluster. Connor and Lee were continually out of position and didn't make plays. Sargeant was being burned by OSU's Small. Scirrotto was nowhere to be seen. Where was the rush from Maurice Evans and Josh Gaines? The defense made Todd Boeckman look like a good QB (he's not, FYI).

All in all an effortless, heartless attempt at taking down the nation's #1 team. Much like the games versus Michigan and Illinois. Although this time it's the D - not Morelli - that takes the blame. Good luck next week. You may need it.

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